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Below are quotes from some letters, emails, and cards sent to us by our patients and from the medical fraternity in appreciation of our services. Some quotes have been left unattributed for the sake of confidentiality.

I was suffering from Achlasia Cardia since 2005. Till 2013, I suffered a lot. Dr. Amol Bapaye is a genius. Without any invasive surgery , he pulled me out from this quicksand by endoscopic method . Earlier I never believed that I will be able to eat normally.

And so all credit goes to Dr.Amol Bapaye.

And I wish him all the best!


Ranjana Rajmachikar, Hospital administrator, Pune

Dr. Amol is one of the best Interventional Endoscopist in the country.

He has extra ordinary skills in endotherapy, passion for the field and is an enthusiatic teacher too. 

He has been a pioneer in many new sub-speciality of endotherapy. He is a very simple to humble person to acquaint with, being the main reason that success sits on him very permanently.

As an aspiring gastroenterologist I learnt high end endotherapy under his guidance few years back and I keep coming back very often to learn more under his guidance. 

I wish all aspiring young gastroenterologist to get under his wings to train themselves in a truly inspiring way.


Dr Pallaniappan, Gastroenterologist, Chennai

I am undergoing treatment for “Cronic pancreatitis”  under Dr.Amol Bapaye,since year 2003.

Dr.Amol Bapaye is life saver for me and I believe I am living normal life because of his treatment only. He has extraordinary skills in Endoscopic surgical procedures. He is always keen to adopt latest developments in Endoscopic surgical field. He is  amongst the few doctors in India who participates in new drug development / research programs. I was also a part of one of his clinical trials. 

According to me, Dr.Amol is an ‘ICON’ in the field of ‘Endoscopic surgical procedures’ in India.


Pravin Karle, Consulting engineer, Pune
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